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Photographer Tung Phan explore Ha Giang

Tung Phan

Photo Journalist

Tung Phan is a Hanoi-based photographer with a Master’s degree in International Journalism from Sussex University in the UK. With a solid foundation in journalism and broadcasting, in particular with Vietnam Television (VTV), he brings a unique perspective to his work, capturing the essence and stories of Vietnam through the lens of his camera.

After over four years as a journalist, producer and editor at VTV, Tung made a shift to photography as his preferred medium of storytelling. This transition allowed him to delve deeper into the heart of Vietnam, uncovering its hidden treasures and showcasing its vibrant culture and people through captivating images.

Tung has an intimate knowledge of Hanoi, the city of his birth. This familiarity with the capital’s quirks and hidden gems enables him to capture moments that reflect the essence of Hanoians and their way of life. Whether in the city or further afield, Tung’s deep understanding of Vietnamese culture and its nuances shines through his work, offering a fresh perspective. A fluent English speaker and exceptional guide, he’s able to help our guests capture unique images of the real Vietnam.

“My guide Tung had a lot of knowledge about the area and knew how to interact with the locals. He also brought a lot of photography experience and helped me find new compositions in places I found difficult to work in. Even though I have lived and explored Hanoi for a few months, he could still show me some more hidden corners that I wouldn’t have found by myself.” (Phuoc, Germany)

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