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Danang on the Waterfront



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On the Waterfront

Danang at dawn

Discover a fascinating part of Danang little-known to tourists while learning the fundamentals of travel and documentary photography.  We explore the city’s bustling waterfront as it wakes for the new day, and deep-sea trawlers bring in their overnight catch. Fishermen carry their haul in bamboo coracles to a small curve of beach, where a vibrant market awaits. On the horizon, traditional teakwood trawlers lay at anchor in the East Sea as the rising sun turns the sky gold. It’s a spectacular start to a unique photographic adventure, and we’ll be looking at composition for stunning landscapes, shooting in low-light, and how to capture people amidst busy activity. From seascapes and markets, our photographic focus turns to portraits of working life, as we head up to Danang port. We mingle with ice-loaders, and capture the rhythms of their sweat-drenched labour.  It all makes for an unforgettable adventure in Danang’s maritime heart, with stunning pictures to document it.

Danang Photography Day Tour and Workshop


4:15am: Hotel pick-up. 

5am: Drop off at Danang city beach. Fishermen are bringing their overnight catch in from the East Sea, rowing tiny coracle boats across the tide. On the beach, a lively market is already underway, as traders sort and sell the haul of fish, squid and shrimp.

5:30am: After an introduction to the tour and the 3 picture story, we’ll be focusing on shooting in lowlight. We begin with an establishing shot to set the scene as the sun rises over the East Sea, then move into the market. 

6:30am: We now head through the waking streets toward the harbour. We’ll stop for a quick coffee on the way, review what we’ve learned so far, and feedback on some of the shots we’ve taken.

7:15am: We cross the bridge over Danang harbour, and have another chance for a great establishing shot, overlooking the scene. Hundreds of blue Vietnamese fishing trawlers, many flying the national flag, dock together here. The city’s modern skyline of gleaming office buildings and hotels forms the background. 

7:45am: Time to enter the harbour, where workers are shuttling and loading ice for the boats. We’ll look in more detail at how to create a story around people’s work, with composition techniques for relationship and portrait shots. In the harbour, we then explore the boat building area, workers hammering, sawing and fitting the pieces of these huge vessels together.  Huge cubes of ice disgorge from an ancient, growling machine and the workers use steel picks to send each block to the crusher. In the boatyard, both men and women maintain, repair and rebuild the huge teak trawlers, from oily mechanical innards to the huge orange planks that form their bows. We complete our picture story with detail and portrait shots from this enthralling corner of the city, and key to this is learning how to approach people and keep an eye out for the telling image. 

8:30am: We head out of the harbour to a nearby cafe, with a local breakfast and time to review pictures take during the tour. 

9am: Taxi pick up and return to your hotel


On the waterfront
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I did this tour last minute in Da Nang and was one of the best 4 am wake ups i ever did, greeted by Cristian Sorega, he was so knowledgeable and helpful, got so much love and respect for him he took my photography up a few levels and always on hand to give advise, still keep in touch with him now!


All photos are taken on tour by previous guests and tour guides

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In the event of forecasted heavy rain, we’ll contact you to reschedule or cancel the tour and give you a full refund.  If it’s early morning and raining heavily, our guide will call you on the phone number you gave us to discuss options for postponement or cancellation.  In the event of cancellation we’ll issue a full refund.

Yes, you can.  We have a Nikon DSLR available to rent for $30 per tour including free memory card.  Please enquire on booking.

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Yes, they can.  Costs (or free joining) depend on each tour, so please enquire on booking.

Yes, you can.  People often join our tours using film cameras.  You may not be able to edit in camera, but the composition tips are still basically the same.

Yes, you can.  Smartphone cameras are pretty amazing nowadays.

Training or guidance will be provided by our photographers throughout the tour. Our guides will tailor your learning experience depending on your interest, style and experience from amateurs to professionals we can provide simple techniques to improve your photography, gain further knowledge of your camera and lenses, as well as develop your photographic eye to capture that amazing shot.

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