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Boris Lopatin

Boris Lopatin

Street, Portrait and Fashion Photography

Boris is 28 years old, and has lived in Hanoi for over seven years. A specialist in portrait, fashion and street photography. Recent adventures have taken Boris to New York, working with industry-leading designers and Instagram influencers. His work has featured in exhibitions in both his native Russia and Vietnam. Boris has been leading tours for Vietnam in Focus since early 2016 and received many glowing reviews.

Boris says

“If you think that your photos aren’t good enough, they are. You went out there, you had the idea, you made it real. I can give you my thoughts on where you might want to go (compositionally, colorwise, etc) to make them a bit better. “

They Say

“Brilliant tour guide/instructor. Boris was simply amazing. My husband and I have very different levels of photography, him being experienced and me inept. Despite this Boris tailored it brilliantly so that we both got lots out of it, my husband improving technique and gaining the confidence in taking shots of locals, and me learning the basics enough to get some great shots.”
Deborah (UK)

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