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Vietnam in Focus photographer Eileen

Eileen Sjoqvist


Eileen Wingaard Sjøqvist is a Swiss-Norwegian photographer who grew up in France. At 19, after a year living in Mexico, she moved to Berlin to study photography at the University of Applied Sciences. During her studies, Eileen developed a strong interest in portraiture, self-portraiture, street and documentary photography.

In 2019, Eileen’s university organized a field trip to Vietnam, where she had the opportunity to work with VnExpress, and participated in an exhibition at Goethe-Institut in Hanoi called The Monster In You. Eileen has also shown work in various exhibitions in Europe, including one at the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg titled Ferðaþjónusta – Ísland: Human Traces in Landscapes.

Eileen’s photography is socially-engaged and aware. Portraiture forms the core of her creations, and self-portraiture is one of its main roots. She is deeply passionate about analyzing her surroundings, observing and documenting, and she had the opportunity to develop this during her MA in Documentary Photography at the University of Barcelona. Her work since then has tended towards fine art and abstract photography, similar to painting with a camera.

Eileen has always loved to teach, and combining this with photography has become one of her fondest passions. A resident of Saigon since 2021, she looks forward to exploring Vietnam through photography with you.

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