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Smartphone Photography Workshop

Our special smartphone photography workshop for businesses and organisations will help your team learn to take eye-catching and attractive pictures for your social media pages and website.  We start with photography composition essentials before moving onto specific types of pictures your team typically need to take in situations like Events, Visits and Conferences. There’s plenty of time for practice in groups with fun simulations, and review quizzes to consolidate knowledge.

Most recently we helped the staff of the Australian Embassy of Vietnam to improve photography for their Facebook page.  Here are some pictures from the workshop.

Contact us to start planning a smartphone photography workshop.  We’ll work with you to tailor the plan exactly to your organisation’s needs.  Typically, our workshops run for 3-4 hours and are held at the client’s workplace, but we’re happy to work around your requirements.  We aim to have 1 tutor per group of 4 learners, so large groups will be split into teams. Costs depend on factors including group numbers and course length.