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Brian Ng ViF Photographer Guide

Brian Ng

Photographer and Cinematographer

Originally from New York City, Brian has been working professionally in Hanoi for over six years. He specializes in lifestyle portrait photography and most of his work in photography and videography focuses on storytelling and capturing human emotions. In addition to his portraiture, his commercial portfolio includes photo and video in a wide range of work for celebrity and international clients. He is also an accomplished travel photographer, with expertise in landscapes using both camera and drone.

Brian has been leading our photo tours and workshops in Hanoi and the north since 2022, receiving many delighted reviews.

“This tour was one of the highlights of my time in Vietnam. Brian is not only an exceptional photographer, but he knows many exciting things about life in Hanoi. He is excellent with the locals. I aimed to get intimate images of the locals in their small shops. Because of Brian, the locals received us warmly and didn’t mind us photographing them. Some asked to be photographed and invited us to sit and have tea. Everyone I met on this tour was warm and welcoming. I got some great images and can’t thank Brian enough for this beautiful tour!” Anthony, USA

“This was a great photography experience. Brian was a wonderful guide, very knowledgeable and helpful and knew some fantastic places to get some unforgettable images. The early start was well worth it to catch some images of the early train in a less touristy area and the market was full of amazing people and sights.” The Boardleys, UK

Brian says: “I’m an explorer. Photography for me is learning about the world around me and trying to capture the feeling of the moment. Photos are nothing without the stories behind them.”

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