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Ultimate Saigon

Our number one photography tour in Saigon

Short on time but want to pack the most photos and fun possible into your Saigon visit? Our Ultimate Saigon Photo Experience is for you. From dawn in the city’s thrilling Railway Village to a fascinating community of floating houses, and street photography in the atmospheric ‘Colony’, this is the number one way to experience and photograph the true Saigon vibe.

Explore Saigon to the Fullest

Short on time but want to pack the most photos and fun into your Saigon visit? Our Ultimate Saigon Photo Experience is for you. From dawn in the city’s thrilling Railway Village to a fascinating community of floating houses, and street photography in the atmospheric ‘Colony’, this is the number one way to experience and photograph the true Saigon vibe.

Kickstart your day bright and early with an exploration of Saigon’s enchanting Railway Village, where you’ll witness the arrival of trains from the north against a backdrop of timeless charm. Despite its proximity to the city center, this tranquil enclave boasts narrow alleys, quaint coffee shops, and locals exuding the warmth and hospitality of Saigonese culture.

Following a delightful breakfast of bánh mỳ and invigorating Vietnamese coffee, we’ll whisk you away in our private vehicle to District 7. Here, you’ll have the chance to photograph the hidden gems of Ho Chi Minh City, including a picturesque floating village, bustling local markets, and engaging encounters with amiable residents.

Recharge with a delectable lunch nearby before reconvening for a coffee-fueled session to review your snapshots. Then, it’s back to your hotel for a well-deserved afternoon siesta.

As evening descends, we embark on our final adventure to one of Saigon’s most captivating locales – the Colony. Amidst vintage apartment blocks and lively street markets, you’ll hone your skills in low-light photography to capture the area’s unique ambience as dusk settles in.

What to Expect

An exceptional photography experience on our Ultimate Saigon day tour

Prepare to capture a variety of stunning images during our Ultimate Saigon Photo Experience. From daybreak to nightfall, we’ll traverse the bustling urban landscape, tranquil waterways, and hidden alleyways, juxtaposing modernity with tradition to unveil the essence of Saigon. Led by our expert photographers, you’ll explore each location on foot and by private transport, delving into new techniques and photographic scenarios at every turn.

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Hidden Saigon
Andy - Trip Advisor Review
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Brett was an excellent photo guide. We explored some fascinating parts of Saigon that get little tourist traffic. We photographed the Railway Village and the Colony and its surrounding area. Brett was an excellent photo coach and provided useful tips and camera settings, as well as suggested views. I learned a great deal about Saigon's street market life and local train station activity. I recommend this tour highly for anyone interested in going beyond the tourist sites and exploring more about the daily lives of the people of Saigon.

Tour Information

Recommended Equipment

  • DSLR Camera or Film Camera
  • Memory Card
  • Fully Charged Battery
  • Wide angle or Zoom lens
  • Tripod (Evening Shoot Optional)

What's included

  • Hotel Pickup & Drop Off
  • Private car
  • Professional Photographer Guide

What's not included

  • Tips

Tour Length

Full  Day ( 5:30 am – to 7:30 pm)
(break between 2 and 3:30pm)
Hotel pickups commence approximately 30 minutes prior to this time

Level of Difficulty

Moderate Physical activity (Walking)

Tour HIghlights

  • Saigon Railway Station
  • Saigon’s Railway Village
  • Traditional Saigonese Allyeways
  • Local Markets
  • Trains at rush hour
  • The Colony
  • Post War Architecture
  • State Housing
  • Saigon Canals
  • Tugboats
  • Local River Life

Photography Highlights

  • Camera Settings
  • Lens Options
  • Street Photography
  • Portraiture
  • Documentary Photography
  • Story Boarding
  • Context and Relationships
  • Low Light Photography

Photography teaching

On a photo tour with us, your experience, images and development as a photographer are the priority. Tips to improve your pictures will be provided by our professional photographer guides throughout the tour, and we’ll have regular reviews. While enjoying a rich variety of photographic opportunities on tour, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to get the best out of your images, and how to take your skills to the next level.

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Per Person
3-5 People


Tour FAQ's

In the event of forecasted heavy rain, we’ll contact you to reschedule or cancel the tour and give you a full refund.  If it’s early morning and raining heavily, our guide will call you on the phone number you gave us to discuss options for postponement or cancellation.  In the event of cancellation we’ll issue a full refund.

Yes, you can.  We have a Nikon DSLR available to rent for $30 per tour including free memory card.  Please enquire on booking.

Yes, you do.  Vietnam in Focus is not liable to pay any costs associated with injury etc on our tours.

Yes, they can.  Costs (or free joining) depend on each tour, so please enquire on booking.

Yes, you can.  People often join our tours using film cameras.  You may not be able to edit in camera, but the composition tips are still basically the same.

Yes, you can.  Smartphone cameras are pretty amazing nowadays.

Training or guidance will be provided by our photographers throughout the tour. Our guides will tailor your learning experience depending on your interest, style and experience from amateurs to professionals we can provide simple techniques to improve your photography, gain further knowledge of your camera and lenses, as well as develop your photographic eye to capture that amazing shot.

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Capture the action beside Saigon's tracks as trains roll in from the north

This quiet part of the city, surprisingly close to the centre, is like a snapshot from bygone times, with narrow, sleepy alleyways, vintage coffeeshops and Saigonese showing their traditional smiles and hospitality. Along the way, we’ll work on composition techniques and use of various settings to take your images to the next level.

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Tailored Photography Tours

Want a little more from your visit to Vietnam, let us tailor your photographic adventure

Customize Your Photography Experience

Our unparalleled knowledge of travel and culture in Vietnam, and where and when to get the best shots, mean we are experts in designing tailormade photo tours.  We have planned and run tours for everyone from professional photographers on a mission to amateurs who want to get to know their cameras better on an adventure.  Each person and group is different, so once you’ve completed the few questions below, expect to answer a few more before we can create your ideal photographic adventure.

Ultimate Saigon Photo Experience


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