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Location: Yen Bai Province

Embark on a journey to Vietnam, where ancient traditions meet modern marvels amidst breathtaking landscapes. Dive into the vibrant culture, explore historic landmarks, and savor culinary delights. Vietnam in Focus specialize in Photography and Cultural Adventures.  Start planning your unforgettable adventure to Vietnam today!

Yen Bai -Tu Le

Tu Le

Tu Le the gateway to Mu Cang Chai and the Khau Pha Pass, home to the luxurious Le Champ Tu Le Hot Spring & SPA Resort

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Luc Yen, Yen Bai - Xoi Farmstay

Luc Yen

Visit Luc Yen and explore the richness of indigenous Tay people their culture and Gemstone mines to the south.

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Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai, located in northern Vietnam’s Yen Bai province, is a paradise for photographers, renowned for its stunning terraced rice fields.

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