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KODAK Moments

Know your camera well, but want to take your skills to the next level?

Interested in documentary-style photography?

Dates:  4th of June
Time: 5:30am-4:30pm
Group Size: 4 Participants Max
Cost: $150 per person

Rizacan Kumas
Documentary Masterclass

Join us for a special one day Documentary Photography Masterclass with Fujifilm trainer and professional photographer Rizacan Kumas. We’ll be focusing on photographic storytelling with life around Tay Ho as our subject. You’ll choose your own story, but themes we may address include culture clash, expats in Vietnam and impact of the Coronavirus on daily life. 



To take part, you should have a good understanding of your camera, including ISO and White Balance, and know basic composition techniques. Tuition and feedback will revolve around exploration of a theme, visual pacing and developing your own style.


Rizacan worked as an official Fujifilm workshop trainer in Istanbul, Turkey for four years. His work has been exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Istanbul and at Mannheim University in Germany. Rizacan’s most recent project is Crossing the Silk Road, documenting life today in the many Asian countries along the historic trading path. You can see Rizacan’s work at

Documentary Masterclass
With Rizacan Kumas

Thursday 4th of June
Time: 5:30am-4:30pm 
Where: Shooting around Tay Ho, Hanoi and meeting at a local cafe
How many: Max group size will be 4 participants
How much: $150 per person

General Enquiry ( English ): 0795150522
General Enquiry ( Vietnamese ): 0375658914
Email: [email protected]

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