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Rizacan Kumas

Rizacan Kumas

Documentary, Portrait and Street Photographer

After graduating with a BA in Photography from Marmara University, Rizacan worked as an official Fujifilm workshop trainer in Istanbul, Turkey for four years. His promotional video for the FujiFilm GFX 50S medium-format camera appeared in FujiFilm Global. His work has also been exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Istanbul and at Mannheim University in Germany.

Rizacan’s most recent project is Crossing the Silk Road, documenting life today in the many Asian countries along the historic trading path. You can see Rizacan’s work at

Rizacan says

“Photography should not only contain aesthetic concerns. Photography should have a problem, it should serve a purpose. Every photo must have a story. Photographers should tell a story in a different way. It should show the other side of the coin. We must learn how we can see the other side of the coin”

They Say

“A great person and a great instructor. Although I started photography from zero, after about 15 days of training, when I look back, I see that I have come a long way. His own work is also a fine example of how much you can learn from training with him. Importantly, he’s someone who keeps an interest in your work even after the training is over.”

Menderes Kahraman (Turkey)

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