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Adrien Jean

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Adrien’s work has featured in numerous exhibitions & publications in both Vietnam and France, and he has been represented by the top French agency Hans Lucas since 2020. A long-term resident of Vietnam, he has traveled and photographed throughout the country, documenting ethnic festivals and life in less-visited regions. His work has appeared in Saigon Times, Saigoneer, Koi Magazine and Esprit Yoga, among other publications.

Praise for Adrien Jean –

“If you like the off-the-beaten-track experience through the eyes of someone who is genuinely passionate about his art and style of photography, then this is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and conversations and sharing tips on photography!” (Joji, Japan)

‘Highly recommended. Adrien is very knowledgeable and brought me to a ton of places I would have never found by myself. Moreover, some of the locals already know him, which makes for easier contact and great shots. I got some solid advice from him and left the experience a better photographer.’ (Mounir, Tunisia)

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