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Location: Mu Cang Chai

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Tours that visit this Location: Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai

Join us on a breathtaking photography tour through Northern Vietnam, exploring vibrant cities, majestic landscapes, and rich cultural experiences. Capture the essence of this enchanting region with our expert guides.

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Golden Harvest

Northwest Vietnam Photographic Adventure

Explore on our ultimate mountain photo adventure. Capture ‘golden season’ on the towering rice terraces of Mu Cang Chai and golden paddy fields in remote Hoang Su Phi. Rainy season is over, the harvest fast approaches, and the paddies turn from bright green to gold in a matter of weeks. As hill tribe farmers begin to work the fields, it’s a photographer’s dream.

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Northern Vietnam on the Opium Trail

On the Opium Trail

Explore Vietnam’s True North from Sapa to Ha Giang

13 days following Vietnam’s historical opium trade and the environment in which it flourished. You’ll encounter and photograph the montagnards of the northern hill tribes and visit colonial palaces and the scattered ruins of French forts and gun emplacements, all remains of the opium trade in northern Vietnam nearly a century ago.

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