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Want a little more from your visit to Vietnam, let us tailor your photographic adventure

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Saigon Street Vision

Creativity is the name of the game

If you want to explore Saigon’s classic alleyways, way off the tourist radar, while learning how to use the ‘natural’ geometry of the streets to compose your pictures, this is the tour for you.

Creativity is the name of the game, and your guide, street photographer Victor Morante will show you how he uses light, shadow, lines and colours to make such distinctive, minimalist images. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a close encounter with local Saigonese, from the monks at a dawn temple to commuters grabbing a snack before work and the busy scenes at a vibrant street market. You’re sure to come away with pictures unlike any others you’ve taken, and looking at photography with new eyes.

Learn the art of looking while discovering the real Saigon.

Saigon Photography Day Tour and Workshop


5:30am – Hotel pick up

6am – We start at a quiet Buddhist temple is next to the canal. It’s the right time to get to know each other, our goals and camera settings if needed. The temple is the ideal warming- up spot to get your camera set and begin to understand how to frame a photograph properly.

6:15am – We make our move towards the canal – we’ll be walking upwards following the man-made “river”. The soft and orangey light coming from the sunrise will stretch all shadows, making the way up very photogenic. Locals start the day very early, so expect to see people doing some sport, fishermen and people chilling out on the sides. We will be working on street portraits and candid daily scenes, always taking care of the composition.

7am – From the canal we’ll get into the alleyways, narrow streets, friendly characters and light getting through this charming maze. Wide angles would be the ideal, since we will be shooting close-up photographs. Creativity will be our goal, photographing silhouettes, details, or colors, making our images as unique as possible. There will be a break to rehydrate and quickly check the photos taken so far.

8:15am – Coming straight from the endless alleyways, we’ll end up at the local market, low light and high contrast scenes to be expected. It’ll be a challenge for our skills, getting the right settings in order to capture the vibrant early-morning instants at the market. We’ll keep moving through different alleyways towards breakfast/coffee time.

9am – Breakfast time, the local streets offer all you may dream of Vietnamese food, so many choices to pick from. We finish up the tour by taking away their famous coffee and drinking it on a terrace with lovely views.

10am – Farewell


Shadows and Light
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Victor provides a whole new perspective to viewing a city. absolutely loved his fresh vision and technical ability. Learnt a lot on this gem of a tour, highly recommended!!


Per person

Per Person

Per Person
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All photos are taken on tour by previous guests and tour guides

Tour FAQ's

In the event of forecasted heavy rain, we’ll contact you to reschedule or cancel the tour and give you a full refund.  If it’s early morning and raining heavily, our guide will call you on the phone number you gave us to discuss options for postponement or cancellation.  In the event of cancellation we’ll issue a full refund.

Yes, you can.  We have a Nikon DSLR available to rent for $30 per tour including free memory card.  Please enquire on booking.

Yes, you do.  Vietnam in Focus is not liable to pay any costs associated with injury etc on our tours.

Yes, they can.  Costs (or free joining) depend on each tour, so please enquire on booking.

Yes, you can.  People often join our tours using film cameras.  You may not be able to edit in camera, but the composition tips are still basically the same.

Yes, you can.  Smartphone cameras are pretty amazing nowadays.

Training or guidance will be provided by our photographers throughout the tour. Our guides will tailor your learning experience depending on your interest, style and experience from amateurs to professionals we can provide simple techniques to improve your photography, gain further knowledge of your camera and lenses, as well as develop your photographic eye to capture that amazing shot.

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Want a little more from your visit to Vietnam, let us tailor your photographic adventure


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